PRETIOSA VITREA - The Art of Glass Manufacturing in The Museums and Private Collections of Tuscany

17 October 2017 - 29 January 2018

This project, presented by the Sehen Foundation, aimed to emphasize the heritage of glass manufacturing from the Ancient Rome through the showcase of artifacts nowadays preserved in the state museums of Tuscany and in important private collections within the region. The exhibition brought together relevant archeological findings of Roman glass manufacturing in Tuscany (as the glass cameo from Torrita di Siena or the chrysography of Arezzo) and highlighted some extraordinary excavation contexts which are significant for the amount and quality of the recovered artifacts, like the ancient ships of Pisa and the Pozzino wreck. Alongside these exclusive glass products, a wide variety of findings were showcased to illustrate the evolution of mass production techniques, from the use of molds to the discovery of the glass blowing technique in the middle of the first century BC.

The project, held in collaboration with the National Archaeological Museum of Florence, aims to include a traveling exhibition in Italy and other countries.

For more information:
- "Pretiosa Vitrea" - Catalogue in English and italian  [ISBN: 9788874398041]
-  National Archaeological Museum of Florence